from coupe’d up, to scooped up.
riding around town, getting my juice up
dropped her ass off, she left me with two fucks.
posted in her driveway rolling up grand puba’
politicking on the phone, clearing up rumors.
talking with ol girl’, she wanna’ take me to cuba.
just to chill on the beach.
& help me get my loot up.
3:59 PM 0.o
I know a lot can change in a few weeks,
So that’s why I keep it real with you every time that we speak.
Girl just take your time with a young g
I ain’t in a rush.
Go ahead and fall asleep.
I know it’s been a long week.
& your body is feeling weak.
I got that back rub & whatever else that you need.
Let’s fill up our lungs & our liver
And figure out dinner…
& hope netflix has something new to deliver
3:31 PM
if i left right now, i’d still be late.
i was supposed to take you out to eat,
but i brought you back a plate.
i’m happy, that i even remembered the right date’
ain’t too good with time, but i don’t mind the wait.
a full plate, got my whole afternoon str8.
a full plate, got my whole squad estates’
so sorry i know i left a little late
I met you at seven
dipped out around eleven
shared out the spaghetti
poured out the beverage
in the midst of it all, I got the leverage
i started to wonder….
do all dawgs’ really go to heaven?
3:00 AM
miss right! miss right!
please don’t do me wrong.
at least not tonight…
don’t hit my homies up
Nah! we don’t fight
still on that dumb shit
like running red lights!
drunk off hennessy
kush taking flight
I brought the peace pipe
I know you ain’t got a type.
so let’s just blaze the night away, until our feelings are just right.