I want to make some butter
& stack some bread
Cop a hummer
& dodge the Feds…
gotta make decisions
get all the right provisions
get up early & really go get it, tell em’ i went fishing
got the sun shining bright
good day to good night
got the club going up,
i hope she down for tonight
i might be getting sick enough
for folks to start giving a fuck
i rather not say too much
freeze up your follow-ups
i got questions too, but finding the right words might cost too much
flowing freely, with no extra time to fuss.
i just can’t miss this bus
fine china with foreign flowers
i know hours could be wasted,
focused on the negative, while feeling irrelevant
show & tell with my heart, finding freedom with each word as i exchange it.
your thoughts let me rearrange it.
maybe try to paint it…
A.Grant / stripes & stars on my spaceship