I met her at the club.
our eyes made love.
slow danced all night
we ain’t want to turn up.
I think we fell in love
fell asleep like a cub.
woke up like a lion &
all I wanted to do was beat it up.


i been living like a playboi*

Hugh Hefner shit! don’t play boy.

trynna get my nut right like almond joys.

silk robes & magazines, that bring no joy.

Trojan horses like we in the city of Troy.

pure fiction like your favorite cartoon or toy.

I been playing with your emotions, but I’m so done with commotion

I’m bout’ ready to set all this shit in motion.

your the girl i been looking for

the girl i been waiting for
I guess, I just got off on the wrong floor.

let me do the math…

I know that brain been working more.

1+1 = 2 & i’m just trying to get right,

right next to you.

subtract all the bullshit

add a few smiles

divide them legs

& watch the minutes multiply.

we ain’t think we would get this high…

- A.G